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Sea of Cortez

We are now safely ensonced in Marina Puerto Los Cabos where we arrived last Thursday, March 24, after a rather harrowing two day passage from Bahia Santa Maria. Weather conditions were about twice forecast strength with high gale force winds the last day before reaching Cabo Falso. Earlier this was exacerbated by a broken autopilot drive chain which snapped when we were hit by a rogue wave a day before reaching Turtle Bay.

Even with our five-day stay in Turtle Bay we still made it to San Jose del Cabo in eleven days from Ensenada. This included a very pleasant 0ne-and-one-half day rest stop in Bahia Santa Maria. We even were fortunate enough to “purchase” four langosta (lobsters for you east-coast types) for the high price of eight AA batteries. They were tasty! Even Pammy liked them.

Once around Cabo Falso we easily steered into the calm, warm waters of the Sea of Cortez. Marina Puerto Los Cabos, while not a cruiser port (this is a mega-yacht/fishing yacht port), is still a restful, beautiful venue. You truly feel that you are in the Tropics here with a solicitous staff. Everyone has been fantastic.

Our chain problem is now resolved. We were able to get a bearing and seal store to have a 41 chain shipped here from La Paz. We installed it without any other problem, changed our fuel filters and are ready to go. We leave here tomorrow morning, March 30, for La Paz. We may anchor at the Bay of the Dead on the way so we can do the more intricate portion of the trip during daylight.

One tourist note of interest for anyone desiring to duplicate our route: Cabo San Lucas is a “nuthouse.” We drove there yesterday and were quite surprised to find wall-to-wall sales people hawking every type of trip imaginable. The anchorage there is nice and safe, but accessing the beach will put you up agains thousands of tourists. We recommend coming a few more miles to San Jose del Cabo and enjoying their great, laid back marina. Even so, it was fun and we finally purchased a camera at the Cabo Walmart. Yes, indeed, I did leave my camera home!

Cruisers always need food. Pass up the Mega store and go to Soriana’s. It is a bigger store, better choices, and much lower prices. Fuel is expensive here. We are looking forward to the lower prices in La Paz. Our reserved slip is only $670.00 USD, including live-aboard status. That won’t get you a 15 foot slip in Cabo!